Wednesday, July 30, 2008

One of the most horrifying videos since Vietnam

Palestinians capture violence of Israeli occupation on video | World news |

A group of IDF soldiers stand up a blindfolded Palestinian man and shoot him at point blank range in the foot. He was a demonstrator, previously detained for hours blindfolded in the blazing sun on the road. This is just one of the horrific scenes. This is the glorious beacon of democracy, shining example to the world, where democracy equals torture, expropriation, ethnic cleansing, apartheid, invasions, and nuclear weapons.

" is the troops not the settlers. It is not just a 'rotten apple' which is usually the response that we get from the government spokespeople. We didn't give out 100 video cameras to document rotten apples. It was to show there was something systematic happening and it was structural to the occupation."


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