Thursday, June 26, 2008

Where are the bees?

There's a lot of clover, and it should be full of footballers (bumble bees), shugies (drones) and redarses (redarsius), but nada. The odd bumbler in lavender beds* is all Zoltan and I ever see on our patrol. Nary a jasper even. If we can find the bees, maybe we'll find the sparrows as well. They've all gone somewhere or maybe they've turned invisible, or maybe the time of bees is over.


* I think I know who you mean. Ed


rainbow spike said...

This may turn out to be as big or bigger a threat to us as global warming

Ossian said...

Some years there used to be plagues of wasps. I think I've seen one or two this year and that's about all. As it happens I did see a bumble bee in the clover this evening, it seemed to be following me. It was probably an envoy from the bee resistance, and its little voice, if only I could hear it was probably saying something like, "Turn off the mobile phones!, or "We're being eaten by GM triffids!", or "Somebody told us we shouldn't be able to fly really and we've lost all confidence."