Sunday, March 02, 2008

Radio Willesden now on air

Bartell DarcyDJ Bartell Darcy, late of Willesden community hospital radio and 2LO, has signed a contract with Willesden Herald allowing us to broadcast his unpopular radio show and also giving us access to his personal playlist, collected over the past century. According to Red Woodward this is an exclusive deal, though looking at the website it appears that anybody can do the same. Bartell Darcy says his collection has been built around the theme of, "What can I put on at the end of a party to make everybody go home?"

Feargal Mooney


Vanessa G said...

does he take requests?

Ossian said...

I asked Bartell and he said he doesn't do requests, as he's usually too busy adjusting the bass and the treble and wondering why they never sound as good as they do in the record shops. Whatever record shops are. Something he remembers from the last century, I think.