Friday, March 14, 2008

The Choir: Boys don't sing

Stand By Me/Beautiful Girls (The Choir, BBC2)

Gareth Malone should get a peerage never mind a gong. No, he didn't buy a school, he is just a very good teacher. [That's not how it works. Ed] If you saw the series The Choir, you'll remember this rendition from the last episode. The series showed how our youth culture tends to separate young people from aspiration and drag them into a dismal, downbeat attitude. Gareth Malone discovered some outstanding singers in the school only to find in the next year that they had turned completely against the idea of singing. He was quite ruthless in using creative ploys to get them back onside and by the end he achieved it. This would make an excellent charity single release.

Jacintha, Newsmusic Desk

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