Saturday, January 19, 2008

Marvellous photo and video journalism online

Sky News Pictures - World In View

They do these very well. Other online news services offer photo series like this as well, but Sky News seems to have a good eye for them. The standard of photo journalism and video reportage on the web is becoming more and more impressive every week.

Skynews features clips from their TV station, but Guardian and especially Telegraph practically have their own TV stations online, there are so many video reports. Sticking to British sites, naturally BBC News is a leader, with live 24 hour transmission of their News 24 channel. Adding to that the BBC iPlayer which shows all main programs from the last seven days of BBC TV, it really is getting to the point where the old TV sets will be defunct and all TV will be computer based.

Of the overseas providers, one that is always compelling is National Geographic, where seldom a day goes by without video and photo-based reports that are compulsive viewing, offering a good overview of developments in science.

Simon Moribund

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