Saturday, January 19, 2008

Radiohead free music video podcast

If you haven't got iTunes, I highly recommend that you get it by clicking on the link and selecting Download iTunes (it's free). The links in the following only work if you have iTunes installed (iThink (therefore iAm).)

There is so much you can tune into or download for free, including thousands of radio stations from all over the world in a handy list by genre, coming through in beautiful quality, podcasts from highbrow to lowbrow, or my favourite: middlebrow. For example weekly podcasts from the BBC, Guardian, RTE (Irish broadcasting service) etc etc.

It's not all about music tracks, but it can also hoover in all your cds and share them with an iPod, if you ever get one. Whatever you play on iTunes, including your podcasts will all go into your iPod, every time you plug it in, but you don't need an iPod - that's just an optional extra.

If you want to spend money, there are wonderful music videos, including - highly recommended - new John Lennon videos, featuring footage recently discovered. I can't get enough of the new video to Mind Games or Nobody Told Me, not to mention the classics Stand By Me and Imagine. Did you know that Michael Jackson's Thriller is still in the top five selling videos on iTunes after all these years (number 2 in the UK at the time of writing!) While on trivia, Amy Winehouse's album Back to Black has been in the top ten albums I think for over a year(?)

But back to the free! Radiohead offer a free video podcast series from their new "In Rainbows" album. It's not just talking heads, it's real music performances, the latest being "Weird Fishes". If you have iTunes installed, the following link will take you to the Radiohead podcast listing where you can click Subscribe to download from this video podcast series from "In Rainbows" by Radiohead, which lists Weird Fishes and several other videos of tracks from the album for download.

Some of the Radiohead podcasts start with tiny clips from "Scotch Mist - a film with Radiohead in it", and mostly followed then by filmed performances of the tracks. (I wonder if the film ploy is for contractual reasons?)

Stick with your Auntie Jacintha for all the best free music and video downloads. You know your auntie always brings you treats. That's what aunties are for. Maiden aunties, anyway.

Jacintha Pucka

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