Sunday, January 20, 2008

Home Secretary admits London street fear


"'I understand that whilst it's a fact that crime is falling, what you want to know is what's happening on your street; what the police officers in your area are doing and who they are,' she said. 'That's one thing we'll provide to people. Serious violence is something we need to address.'"

Oh yeah, serious violence. That category is burgeoning rapidly. But the other statistics are getting better, so (as Tony used to say) y'know...What is your problem? It's only one category in the statistics. ("Serious violence"—don't even know what it means. Note: ask a focus group?)

The statistics for wheat harvests etc. were superb during the horrendous famines presided over by Mao and Stalin. Similarly "it's a fact that crime is falling" during this present upsurge in serious violence. That's according to the Axis of Bureaucracy in the police, local government and Whitehall.

Feargal Mooney

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