Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Copy of competition entry form

In case you are unable to download the official entry form, copy and print out the following, which is not as fancy, but has the same details.:


Willesden Herald and pretend genius [press] present
The Willesden Herald International Short Story Prize
in conjunction with the anthology New Short Stories - 2
1st Prize: £5,000


Post to: Willesden Short Story Competition
PO Box 61437
London U.K.
NW10 2YJ

I wish to include the following short story in the above competition:


Page Count:

I have read and I agree to abide by the rules of the competition:



Name* [block letters]:

Pen Name:




* Name, Address, and E-mail are mandatory

We would like to send you emails or letters from time to time about this competition and other Pretend Genius Press and Willesden Herald events. We will not share your details with anyone outside of Pretend Genius Press and Willesden Herald, unless required to do so by law. Please add me to your mailing list: Yes (____) No (____).

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