Thursday, October 04, 2007

Loose goats*

From: "Jolt" by James Lawless

... Three or four goats appear and start following them. They frighten him as they get closer with their horns, bells tinkling. She laughs at him. He’s embarrassed. Kathleen knows goats. They had them on the farm in Galway.

She sheds her shyness in the open countryside. She wants to make love al fresco. There is no one about except for the goats. She breathes in deeply the fragrance of the pines. Lying down on the scorched earth, she loosens her blouse, drawing him into her. ‘Is it possible, Michael? Say it’s possible.’

New Short Stories 1

* Loose Goats (oil on canvas) by Indi Dhillon. Willesden Herald collection

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