Monday, July 16, 2007

Monumental incompetence of British Airways


I have two young houseguests, who arrived here in London yesterday on a British Airways flight from Phoenix, Arizona and BA have misplaced the luggage for the entire flight. How is this possible?!?! When phoning their helpline, one gets either to hold on endlessly or a message that they are so busy, please try some other way. Everything is phrased to make it sound like it's the caller's fault, and that one wants to tell them about lost baggage, whereas it is they who need to tell us about it. Was there ever anything so frustrating, depressing and incompetent?

A Very Unhappy Customer


"The British Airways lost luggage farce deepened last night when it emerged that the airline is sending thousands of bags out of Heathrow to be sorted through in Milan, only for them then to be sent back to England." (Daily Mail)

Why are BA continuing to take bookings from unsuspecting airline passengers, when they know all the time that they cannot deliver the baggage? This is fraud on a blatant and massive scale. I would never book with BA in a million years, and if I book again with Aer Lingus, I want a guarantee that it's not going to be a flight shared with BA, as in the past. To learn that they and BMI are also profiteering from keeping people on hold on their telephone enquiry lines, in at least one case to an Indian call centre, just adds insult to injury (ref. Daily Mail). Ed

Update 2

The bags have arrived. And they brought the missing luggage with them.

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Filipe Castro said...

They just lost all my 7 bags too, somewhere between Amsterdam and Houston. The savages that manage the company do nothing else but cutting costs and giving themselves raises, and the result is caos. I was told that Alitalia and BA are the worse companies in the World at this time.

And anyway, if you are willing to wait 40 days and 40 nights on the telephone, you get only nice, powerless people to complain to. Never the thugs that mismanage the company and despise its customers.