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Friday, February 23, 2007

Don't forget the victory parade

Tony Blair takes the salute from happy returning troops led by a guest party of executioners from Iraq in balaclavas and leather jackets, waving, followed by floats with tableau depicting scenes from the campaign, including the cruciform electrified person on a box, covered with a black sheet, and the famous Iwo Jima-style pile of naked men, rampant snarling dogs and a lookalike female soldier pointing at naked prisoners, another two floats with a replica of the "mission accomplished" scene on board a US battleship and a giant statue of Saddam with an American flag over its face. Next come the limbless and blind, orphans and veterans with their white canes and wheelchairs, entertained by a baton-twirling troupe of cheerleaders for an upbeat finish. Lastly, at a discreet distance, as the reviewing stand empties, road-sweeping motors return the city streets to normal. Sound like a plan?

Ossian Carey

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