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Friday, January 26, 2007

Series of Dreams

Bob Dylan on Music Box

Forget YouTube, if you have broadband, get yourself a sherbet, click that link and put your feet up. It's real proper video. Some beautiful pictures, especially on "When the Deal Goes Down". I've been listening to Modern Times for a while, and though he sounds very old, it makes good listening. It's a pity they haven't got Rolling and Tumbling, The Levees Gonna Break, Nettie Moore, etc.

Quotes I like: "More frailer than the flowers / These precious hours" (When the Deal Goes Down, sounding wonderfully like some old comedian singer / George Burns / Ken Dodd / music hall act), "I've already confessed, don't need to confess again" (Thunder on the Mountain), "I'd already gone the distance, just thinking of a series of dreams" (Series of Dreams).

Jacintha Pucka

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