Sunday, October 22, 2006

YouTube favourites

Back to the future?

Michael J. Fox talks to Katie Couric about research and that smartass Limbaugh


U2 and Green Day / The saints are coming

Music from the concert to reopen the Superdome in New Orleans, and a video ironically linking war with flood relief.


YouTube is not all fun and games, there are some serious videos too, but you probably didn't come here for those.

Free Running

Bear with it. After about 2 minutes this becomes one of the most amazing, scariest and frankly worrisome things ever. Do not try this at home.


Ben takes a picture of himself every day

Don't mind the title, this is really a send-up. Funny, and so fast and complete it raises the question "Why bother to watch 100-minute films?"



Yes, Japan. It's either mind-numbingly boring and pointless or absolute genius.


A message from Chad and Steve

You'd be laughing too, if you'd just been handed the equivalent of a billion pounds for your website. So young too. They crack-up on "Two kings have joined together".


Check back for updates.

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Diane said...

Good for them! Two young guys who went out there and did something. Didn't take them long to scare Google and what else is there to do when the competition looks hot but buy them up!

Diane corriette, Inspirational Guidance