Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Herald tycoon tells all

World Exclusive

Red Woodward "A Fool to Myself" the Autobiography*

For the first time, Edmondo "Red" Woodward gives the lowdown about his extraordinary life, from humble beginnings as stableboy to the Shergar kidnappers, through his tempestuous affair with Carmencita Haverty, the ex-Marxist / Opus Dei hoyden, to his death-struggle with arch business rival Muzzy "Poorboy" Pirbhai, to notoriety as secret author of the publishing sensation "Diary of a Rent Boy" (about the life of Seamus MacGowan and the Pogosticks). After the biggest ever gambling coup, which took years to clear through the courts, he went on to found the International Willesden Herald. Now for the first time he reveals the secret betting system that allowed him to predict Frankie Dettori would win all seven races in one day, and how he was driven to bankruptcy again by "semi-house-trained monkeys".

Watch out for the first instalment, "Adolf Hitler, his part in my conception", here in your super soaraway 'sden.

* In collaboration with Feargal Mooney

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