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Thursday, September 21, 2006


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Poet seeking work, flexible hours,
live in or out. Prefers to do ballads and/or
quatorzains but anything considered.

Couple, he 37, she 34, both formalists
available for sonnets, sestinas etc.

Live-in poet required. Every other weekend off.
No post-modernists.
No doggerrel writers need apply.

Poet seeking work from October.

Comfortable room available
for a versatile poet. Mostly light verse
required but may be required to
compose epithalamiums as our children
are close to marrying age.

Shakespeare was a man of wit
and on his shirt he had some shirt buttons...

Lady poetess looking for post, preferably
in a home without children. Large portfolio
available for inspection. Comic verse
and villanelle's a speciality.

Writer of nonsense verse (live-in) required. Will need
a valid passport and U.S visa.

Can you rhyme at will? Then this may be the job for you.
Friendly modern Orthodox family with two children,
seeking live-in poet, preferably female and Jewish.

Are you a fan of Modernism and vers libre? Then this ISN'T
the job for you. Family, modern in every respect except for taste
in poetry, seeking a full-time formalist, live in or out.
Some weekends required.

A room of one's own is waiting for that special poet.

L=A=N=G=U=A=G=E poet required for immediate start.
P60 must be available. Generous package and holidays.

caxtons are mechanical birds...

Do you agree? Are you able
to mix humour with metaphors?
If so a fabulous opportunity awaits you.
This position would suit a retired gent
working from home.

Poet seeking position, live-out only.
Likes Eliot, Stevens, Lowell, Bishop etc.

Hungarian couple, hard working poets, long visas
looking for poetry work in London and/or the home

* Sent in by Mr M. D., London who receives a blessed scapular courtesy of Mrs Haverty Clerical Outfitters Ltd. [Ed]

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