Thursday, September 07, 2006

Boris on top form

Whom the gods wish to destroy

"Maybe they have special dummy editions of the papers, produced by Alastair Campbell's gnomes in the dungeons and then brought up on silver salvers to where Tony and Cherie recline on their couches and dangle grapes into their crazy mouths." (Boris Johnson)

Funniest article in a long while.


Percy the Parkie said...

I work on the boating lake at Swallow Park and I have come across lots of naughty boys like Tony who pretend to be deaf when I call out "Come in Number 10, your time is up. Other people want a go in that boat.".

They laugh and laugh. "Oh yes," I invariably call across the water to them "Laugh now, while you can, for he who laughs at tea time is crying by bedtime. Mark my words!"

Andrew Marr said...

And what would happen to naughty boys who shouted that thet would be bringing the boat back in May?

Percy the Parkie said...

I'd throw stones at the little bugger till the boat capsized.

Anonymous said...

i wonder if he's holding on till he creates a NEED for a bastard like him again? word on the street is another false flags on the books according to Alex Jones at infowars

just turn on your TV, you'll see them thrusting 911 down our throats again, must be a reason for bringing it back into the consciousness, even if it is the fairytale version the MSM parrots for the gubmint

theres a real story, discuss!