Saturday, July 15, 2006

A state of war in London

Violence and murder are commonplace on the streets of North London, as they are on the streets of South London, but when South London people attack North London people that is a different matter. Unfortunately a number of our North London people have been killed recently by South London people. The North London provisional government has therefore ordered the destruction of South London, its roads, bridges, Gatwick airport, power stations and fuel depots. The people of South London who live near the border are advised to leave their homes and take their chances with our artillery bombardment of the roads, because their towns will assuredly be flattened. Luckily, we can and will do this because North London has huge military resources and South London is incapable of fighting back, otherwise it would be impossible.

General Jumbo


General Jumbo (near the front line with the 5th Holy Rotarian panzers) said...

The reality has changed on the ground. We are now the masters of South London. According to a Rotarian scroll in our possession, Lord Rotor decreed that the entire territory of Southern England was to be given to the chosen tribe of North London. You will see our bulldozers at work around the clock, razing your orchards and oasthouses, tumbling your low-rise flats and your health clinics, post offices and schools. Your business parks will be bombed to dust. We have the wherewithal, thanks to the Washington Rotary Mower Peace fund, which supplies us with state of the art weaponry, armour, fighter planes, bombers and you may speculate that we have even more devastating weapons trained at all neighbouring regions who might dare to try and stop us.

That'll teach those south Londoners to abduct and murder north Londoners. Let them do it again, by all means, and we'll devastate what's left of their territory and seize it for ourselves. Our members are shouting for even more punitive action. All very exciting.

So yes, things have changed on the ground. We're acquiring some real estate south of the river.

Major Tom Dooley (South London united front, 3rd martyrs battalion) said...

Well if things have changed on the ground, they can change again. You've got a tiger by the tail.

Jane's Tanks of The Ongoing War said...

It's the old "you kill one of ours we'll slaughter a hundred of yours till you learn to let us do exactly what we fucking well want around here." trick. It's as old as time. In the past the most ruthless, the most bestial in pursuit of advantage,with the best armed merciless propagandised thugs won. Now anyone with an intent to payback the previously invincible and armed with an old hospital x-ray machine or a gift voucher for 6 lessons on a pilot's course can take out thousands of the sophisticated nation's ruling ideology's gullible, tribalised, anesthetised labourer's in one go.

Jane's Tanks of The Ongoing War

rainbow spike said...

The People of The Other Village
Thomas Lux

hate the people of this village
and would nail our hats
to our heads for refusing in their presence to remove them
or staple our hands to our foreheads
for refusing to salute them
if we did not hurt them first: mail them packages of rats,
mix their flour at night with broken glass.
We do this, they do that.
They peel the larynx from one of our brothers? throats.
We devein one of their sisters.
The quicksand pits they built were good.
Our amputation teams were better.
We trained some birds to steal their wheat.
They sent to us exploding ambassadors of peace.
They do this, we do that.
We canceled our sheep imports.
They no longer bought our blankets.
We mocked their greatest poet
and when that had no effect
we parodied the way they dance
which did cause pain, so they, in turn, said our God
was leprous, hairless.
We do this, they do that.
Ten thousand (10,000) years, ten thousand
(10,000) brutal, beautiful years.