Sunday, July 30, 2006

Israel has never given a damn about Lebanese people

I have a relative who served with the UN peacekeepers a few years ago, who tells me that the Israeli's treated the UN with contempt, refusing to acknowledge its checkpoints, and were known to shoot at the feet of Lebanese people for no reason, "to make them dance".

It's folly for the British government to form a traitorous axis with Israel, Russia and the U.S. against its own people and our European friends. Our best policy is to make alliances with our neighbours and work with them to improve the region, to clean up our backyard, to use an American expression.

For the U.S., Israel, its client, and Russia to gull Britain into being an enemy of the people of north Africa and the Middle East is a trap, and also an attempt to divide and undermine the European Union. We should be consolidating the E.U. and forming alliances south across the Mediterranean instead of stupidly playing Little Sir Echo to malevolent outside powers.

Wake up Britain, you're not "punching above your weight", you're fighting in the wrong division. It's time to tell dotty, deluded old Britannia that her menopausal affair with the distant and indifferent Uncle Sam is all one-way traffic, that he treats her like dirt.


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