Friday, April 21, 2006

New Labour on the take

Academy sponsorship linked to sale of peerages: Arrest

"Des Smith, a head teacher and former adviser to the Specialist Schools and Academies Trust (SSAT), which recruits sponsors for the city academies...boasted to the undercover reporter that he was a regular visitor to Downing Street...Friends of...the curry magnate whose peerage was blocked by the commission because of his secret loan, said he was told by Lord Levy not to declare it." (Times Online)

We revealed this special government offer ("buy two schools and get a free peerage") two weeks before the arrests began. It's just as seamy as the Reagan "Arms for Iran" scandal.


Anonymous said...

typical: wire knows the name of the jew in this sorry tale but the pakki is just the curry magnet (sic).

Ossian said...

The person you're insulting and misspelling didn't do anything wrong in this case. I think he's from India and it was the Alvin Startust spiv who was proposing skulduggery, old coocachoo. That's why the report is the way it is.

Ossian said...
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Ossian said...

Windows 2000, so you're probably skiving off from your job and using the company system to post racist messages.