Thursday, April 20, 2006

Lay off SuperBuro*


There has been much excited talk about the identity of SuperBuro, the guardian of our beloved Toyocracy. This sort of speculation is not at all helpful at this time. It is essential for SuperBuro's work that his identity remain secret, and careless talk is liable to put Toyocracy and our people in more danger. Therefore I call on the media to desist from spreading rumours, and allow SuperBuro to choose the timing of his interventions without undue pressure. Fellow officials, we have achieved much but there is still much to do: the people still have money, the people still have time. As long as these resources are at our disposal and with the help of God and SuperBuro, our work must continue.

Gordon Brown
From Papertown

*Please report any sightings of SuperBuro to our newsdesk, especially if you manage to get a picture. Under no circumstances should you attempt to pull the mask off his face, as this can be fatal for superheroes. Ed

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