Thursday, April 13, 2006

Faux-communist kleptocrats smash the poor

The Human Cost Of Booming China

"The local media is afraid to report what has been happening, but the people affected have spoken out. One woman said: 'They're stealing our homes, it's theft, just theft. 'The poor have no human rights, no way of surviving. We've been everywhere for help.'

"Other people have shot footage including pictures of an elderly man being carried out of his home sobbing. Other film shows villagers being ousted from their land, with groups of hired thugs attacking residents and meeting stiff resistance.

"While many of the poor now live in slums, others are making huge sums of money from China's property boom. There is a land grab on an unprecedented scale and the full force of the state is being used to stop any opposition." (Skynews)


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