Friday, February 24, 2006

Introducing Bob Harmless

Fun for all and no smut

Did you hear the one about the new comedian? No? That's funny.

Seriously though, the stand-up comedian Bob Harmless will soon be entertaining us with his wholesome jokes and funny incidents. Bob says, if you have any funny incidents or jokes about string etc. please send them in, the more the merrier!

"You'll forget yourself with Bob Harmless"


Red said...

Still nothing, Feargal?

Gordon Wintner said...

What has String got to do with Willesden, if I may be so bold? Isn't he from Newcastle?

Bob Harmless said...

Am I a string, did you say? Did you say? (Ooh, hark at me.) No, no. (Ooh there I go again.) No, no, I'm a frayed knot.