Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Campbell's hogwash - 57 varieties*

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Alistair Campbell is so far up himself it's grotesque. People with such pervasive delusional traits, including him and that other poodlefaker Tony Blair, should be debarred from any responsible position in public life.

*As seen on BBC2 (Newsnight, February 8th.)


Ivy Campbell (Mrs) said...

Oh no, now what's he been doing? He hasn't been on doing that spin dancing again has he? How many times do I have to tell him that no-one believes a word of it. I don't know what gets into him. And I would really like to know who pays him to do it. I really would. They're the ones who've led him on.

Mrs Haverty said...

Apparently he's going to spin with Gordon Brown now. Is there no end to this depravity. No wonder the youth of today are the way they are, always battering each other on those CCTV programs. They've lost their bearings, if they ever had any to start with. Without bearings you can go nowhere.

Me nerves are killing me.

Bertha Blair said...

Children are such a worry. You bring them up to be honest and have a conscience but they fall in with the wrong lot and before you know where you are you're seeing them on television lying their little socks off as if no-one will know.

I always said to mine, I said, if you're going to grin while you're lying you will always be found out. He never could lie with a straight face. I blame school plays. They teach them to lie. Everytime I see mine on the television and he's doing that thing with his hands and looking earnest I know he's had his Best Monologues for Men book out again and I just know he's going to start lying. The little tyke. If there was any justice he'd be sent to bed without his tea.

Ossian said...

Smile, you're on the telly, here: Newsnight.