Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Religious hatred bill - vote tonight

Guardian Unlimited | Polly Toynbee

"In this inquisition of a bill, religion will become a minefield, a no-go area in the world of ideas. Before you speak or write, ask yourself not only if you intend to abuse and insult, but if you are 'reckless' about any insult that may unwittingly be caused to someone somewhere?"

Oh. The Herald thought it was a bill to make hatred of Religion compulsory, which sounded reasonable enough. Children should be taught that religion is a stupefying narcotic and a cancer of the intellect. They should be protected from indoctrination by its witch doctors. Right, vote against the bill then.

Feargal Mooney

Voodoo is crap

Preachers are allowed, encouraged, even subsidised by the state to brainwash children with irrational, archaic, erroneous and divisive nonsense, in all of its virulently incompatible varieties. From animists to zoroastrians, the robed and peremptory organisations that brought you superstition, burnings, stonings and mutilation are now to be immune from ridicule and contemptuous comment - all they deserve. People of reason are to be subjected to imprisonment for telling the truth, that religion is crap, that their gods have no clothes.

Ossian Lennon

Internal memo

Steady on now lads. Can you just run this past our lawyer first, please! Cut this out for the time being till old Mr Scrotum has a look at it, would you. Or we'll all be "coming down with long faces, sixes and sevens" as the fella in the cells awaiting his hearing before Lord Justice Bung-Wallah said. The thought of having to share a cell with that geezer Rushdie makes Room 101 sound like Butlins.

Red Woodward

This article is not endorsed by George Bush, Osama Bin Laden or Joseph Kony. (Feargal)

Update: But it may be endorsed by the Rev. Ian Paisley. (Ossian)

Can we get a quote from Mary Kony? (Red)

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