Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Six months for shooting at the ground, eight months for manslaughter

One law for you

A teacher who opened fire with a pellet gun after "yobbos" launched a campaign of vandalism against her family has been jailed for six months.


A confrontation with a gang of youths drove her [Linda Walker, 47] to fire the weapon [an air pistol] at the pavement near one teenager's feet on August 14 last year, a court heard.


In a phone call to the police she said: 'I'm going over to that field over the road, I've got an air rifle and a pistol and I'm going to shoot the vandals that come around here.' Walker's offence carries a maximum sentence of 10 years' imprisonment.

And one law for them

When their victim, who had a water phobia and could not swim, grabbed hold of the bridge railings, the pair prised his hands away, saying "Berry needs a swim" and "Let's chuck him in".


Two weeks ago the two teenagers were sentenced at Bournemouth Crown Court to be detained for 18 months and eight months for manslaughter.

Obviously the judges have their rationale, and they are as good as anybody at rationalising their prejudices, but it does make one think, 'Pity she didn't shoot the buggers, and do the extra couple of months.' I know it's an unworthy thought.

Here's a better report about the teacher's case, in the Independent. Okay, she was in the wrong. But she gets six months, when people are getting away with murder, and the vandals are still out there vandalising.


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