Thursday, February 24, 2005

Things that culchies love (Zozimus's version)

1. Promotion based on seniority

2. Thumping jackeens out of sight in the back of a police van

3. The sound of their own voices especially with

5. A captive audience

6. Stone cladding

7. Counting their money

8. Creative accounting

9. Hitting animals with sticks

10. Hitting jackeens with sticks

11. Taking themselves very seriously

12. Driving as far to the wrong side the road as possible, as much as possible

13. Pictures of Pope John XXIII and Arkle

14. Mismatching colours

15. Dumplings

16. Commenting on other people's visits to the toilet

17. Long drawn out standing jokes

18. Catchphrases

19. Singing out of tune

20. Being experts about horses

21. Getting up the yard


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