Tuesday, January 04, 2005

Falconer backs war advice secrecy

Guardian Unlimited Politics Special Reports

"He also said a ministerial veto on the release of sensitive information would be allowed only with full cabinet support. He said he anticipated the veto would rarely be used."

So if they veto publication of legal advice taken before the invasion then you'll know that every single member of the cabinet is complicit. If the advice had been clear on the legality of invading Iraq, you can bet they'd have published it already.

Knock them all out at the election, or so many that they are forced to deal with Charles Kennedy. They deserve a severe humiliation, and I hope they get it. I imagine Blair thinks that Gordon Brown will take over in time only to lose the election after next. Blair's insufferably smug already and the prospect of him smarming about winning again is too nauseating to bear.

Greg Dyke should put on a white suit and run as an independent against Blair. The other parties should give him a clear run.


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