Friday, January 28, 2005

BBC / Dom Joly / pain in the arse

I agree with what John Harris said on Newsnight Review a couple of weeks ago, to the effect that there is a culture of ill-will in Britain, that it's the fashion to be hateful to everyone and everything. He said it on the BBC. But the BBC is also responsible for the cringeworthy and depressing Dom Joly on "World Shut Your Mouth." I couldn't believe my eyes and ears last week when the "funny" intro before the titles to his program was this:

Egypt, wide view of road with massive pyramids in the middle distance. An old local is standing by a parapet minding his own business when character in Arab dress* approaches and says, 'So that's the great pyramid of Cheops, is it?'

'Yes,' says the man.

'That's shit,' says the character and walks away. Cut to titles.

I ask you, is that your idea of fun?

*Not sure if staged, or just a false voiceover on an unrelated video. No less dire, either way.


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